Secret English Grp [ Grammar + Vocabulary + Usage ] Hush.. CRACK ANY EXAM !

Wanna crack the English section of SSC, IBPS, UPSC, CAT, PLACEMENT EXAMS or for that matter any exam? Hop RIGHT IN, click 'Join Group' and consider it CRACKED *!! This group is called as the 'Secret English Group', not because we do secretive things in here, but because this English Group is going to be the SECRET of your vastly ENHANCED, immensely IMPROVED ENGLISH SKILLS.



The following rules/guidelines are set for the sole purpose of making the group a better place for English learning and for providing a very nice experience to one and all, and so we expect everyone to strictly follow all these rules:

1. This group is only for members who are serious about learning English, either for general improvement or for competitive exams!

a. New members sending requests to joining the group, please only do so if you intend to be an ACTIVE PARTICPANT of the group!

b. Existing members kindly note that it is required of you to BE AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT to continue being part of the group!

2. Links/advertisements to other groups/pages are strictly NOT ALLOWED! Any member doing so would be removed from the group without any intimation.

3. REFRAIN FROM personal attacks, religion/caste/quota discussions, racist comments, asking people to send friend requests, etc!

4. You are here for the purpose of learning English, so kindly adhere to posting comments/posts ONLY in English.

5. Members: Keep your posts relevant to English learning! A strict NO to posting JOKES, QUOTES, or creating posts for the purpose of chit chatting! Only admins may do so for the purpose of increasing interactivity of the group!

6. Moderators at their sole discretion may delete any post/comment they find offensive/inappropriate!

With all that being said, we'd like to extend a very, very, very warm welcome to all the members to our 'Secret' English family. :-)

Happy English learning, everyone! Also, our best wishes to all of you for achieving whatever goals for which you have joined / are joining this group :-)

* Click 'Join Group' and consider it CRACKED: For that to happen, we ofcourse expect the member to dedicate himself fully and daily for a number of hours for a number of months in the group -- learning, posting and asking questions!

If they do so, there is no reason why he/she can not crack any English competitive exam!


1) Secret English Group will forever shut its door and will not accept any new members once it reaches an active user base as we prefer quality over quantity.

2) Every now and then we suspend adding new members!
And currently we have suspended adding new members! There is a backlog of over 4000 member requests pending to be added and they will be added only when we resume adding members which will be on a first come first serve basis!