Selfie Appreciation

Welcome to 'Selfie Appreciation', home of the Hot Topic Freaks!!

the title of this group should be self-explanatory for the posts residing inside, but apparently not.

Feel free to post selfies, like other people's, and have a good time~~

This group is owned by Val Lefapp Lozano & Jack Evans (Message one of us forenquiries)

Group Rules - If you ignore them, you will be instantly banned;
ALL post must contain a selfie of some kind, unrelated posts will be deleted, if you continue to post non slefies after your post is deleted you will be banned. you get one strike do not go begging to be readded if you can not follow this simple rule.
No Racism or discrimination of any form
No Hate / Harassment of any form, including self hate
No Self-Hate (again), it's a blatant cry for attention and it really is a pain to read
No Begging / Asking for adds on other peoples posts, if you want people to add you, post your own selfie and ask on your own thread
No Gore
No Porn / Nudity / Partial nudity (Partial nudity revolves around sexualising your body, don't come moaning to me when your ass pic is removed.)
No Spamming, this includes links of any form.
No Advertising or Self Advertisement
No attempting to start or involve yourself in arguments.
No personal information (phone number, homr address, etc) of any kind.
If you see anyone ignoring these rules and an admin has failed to notice, tag on of us, it is hard to keep up with everything.
The admins are located here ->
Please feel free to tag any admin in a post that you think needs to be taken care of.

Elliott and jack smell.

felipe is a cutie