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FREE Spiritual Readings. *** BIZ PROFILES NOT ACCEPTED - ONLY TRUE PERSONAL PROFILES WILL BE ADDED *** We want to see the authentic you :) Readers of all levels and beliefs, from around the world!

A place where you can give and receive spiritual guidance (from that of the light source) for free. A place where we can all learn, grow and evolve no matter our position in life.

We welcome all spiritual belief systems and discussion in a positive environment.

***Please read the guidelines pinned to the top of the page before you become an active member in the group. They are there to assist you with your questions and give you guidance on how our group functions to sustain positivity and personal growth.

We will not hesitate to remove people - to maintain the positive intention of the group where required.

Love and Light
Jodie Rimmer xx
Founder of Sensing Angels