Sep. YSA Conference - Video Testimonies!!!!

Hi all my name is Mat yep with one T and I am one of your YSA reps. And what is it a YSA Rep dose you ask? Why we are the ones that help plan the YSA conferences. And speaking of help Im here to ask you all for you help. You see the theme for this coming september conference is going to be "I AM A MORMON". And a few others and myself are in charge of the early afternoon Saturday activities, And I am telling you this because in order for us to give you the best activities... We need your help =]

So what is it we are planing? you ask?
Well though to keep it a surprise i can't give you all the info. But what I can tell you is that what we are planing is to have a video testimony meeting.

So what we are asking of you is the you pray and ponder over your testimony, And for added guidance I advise you fast. We wish for you to share a testimony about something you feel strong about. Record it upload it to Youtube and put the link in this group page so we can download and edit it and put it in our Video Testimony movie for this coming september

Thats all for now if there is any questions hold off for now. there will be many more updates and i will be posting a guide line letting you all know what it is we are looking for, and how to upload. so talk to you soo and add me as a friend =]