Sexy Nerd Society

Welcome to the Official Group of the Legendary and Epic Sexy Ner...d Society...

How to SNS.
1. Upload original photos of yourself to the group showing nerdy things you love to do.(Do this more than uploading random nerdy content)
2. If you find a funny or interesting "Nerdy" meme/video share it to the group.
3. Reach out to the community for help with related topics.
4. Invite friends to the group.(This is the main way how we grow)
Rules of SNS.
1.Respect everyone. (If someone makes a post only respectable comments are allowed)
2. Do not over sexualize post.(Yes this is possible, find the perfect balance of sexy not too little no too much).
3. Keep the content nerdy. (Please keep all post to the aspect of the group. It is not ok to post whatever you want.)
4. We are not an advertising platform. If you "cosplay" or have a non profilt page feel free to share but if you sell anything post ads/tags/links to your blog/page/group/website etc to our official facebook page and we can talk about affiliations.
5. Do not create anything related to SNS without our authorization.
6. Report any harassment to the SNS Page Here: ->
7. Report any spam or fake profiles in the society. (Click the the down arrow on the top right corner of the post.)