German Shepherd rescue South Africa

A network GROUP for all different shepherd breeds and shepherd x... breeds in need of homes, lost and found, and rescues all over south africa. Everyone but back yard breeders, pet shops are welcome. Pls don't post your back yard litters on this page or it WILL be removed and so will you.

Pls note that there is NO Official German shepherd or any shepherd rescue organization/NPO in south africa anymore. The one i know of closed down to shortages of funds and assistance. And this group like most groups are just a NETWORK GROUP to assist that these dogs get networked in case someone want to adopt one. There is NO guarantee that someone will take the animal of your hands in a manner of speaking. There are so many German shepherds and shepherds all over south africa who is rescue animals and unwanted. ALL I CAN ASK IS THAT YOU INVITE YOUR FRIENDS ON HERE. That will give these animals a better chance to be homed. Do your part or group will not grow and these animals stand a lesser chance to be homed. THANK YOU

There will be NO slanderous posts, negativity or backstabbing. If so, you will be removed and reported to face book. This is about Animal Rescue only!!