Shop and Swap

Shop and Swap is a Sneaker and Streetwear trade collective founded by Lyam in May of 2012 with the goal of creating not only an urban clothing market but an active and friendly community of people who share a passion for culture, sneakers and street-wear. This means we encourage music and art as well and welcome people to promote their works upon our approval. We have all joined the group to gain something. Whether you’re a seller, buyer or someone looking for someone to help, we all need other members of the group and should treat each other as such. We have a small list of guidelines to follow in the group so that everything runs smoothly:

• We ask that you only deal with authentic street-wear on the group, if someone posts something that is unauthentic and you are sure, let them and the admins know. Please do not post fake gear.

• DO NOT join or use this group to earn crazy profits on limited gear. We are all here to help each other out. While we understand that there is money to be made, we ask that as long as you’re in this group please be reasonable with pricing. • If you have a creative project of your own and you wish to promote it in the group, please message one of the admins first for approval. Any posts promoting something without an admin’s approval will be deleted.

• When selling/buying/doing interest checks, we ask that you keep to a certain structure similar to something like: Brand, item name, size, condition, price, location and whether it’s for sale or trade or both.

• If you do not agree with someones post bring it to the attention of an admin, rather than flaming the post.


Lyam Chapman
Nathi Wilkinson
Tim Delac
Kevin Villacorte
Liam Parsons
Bronson Lewis
Menandro Plan
Dylan Halcrow

Feel free to invite anyone who you think will be interested in the group as we are looking to expand and help people from all over the world and Australia do business with each other. We are all hoping to take this very far, so keep your eyes peeled because there are some big things to come in the future. So consider this a big welcome from the team and we are stoked to have you all on-board!

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Thanks from the team!


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