Simple English

To provide a pleasant atmosphere in our lovely group, we create some rules. You are forbidden to post any religious or sensitive issues, SARA, porn, mathematics (maths) questions or any provocative materials.Posting another link or advertisement is also prohibited.

Spam messages or Any form of Business Advertising are NOT ALLOWED in the group! All would be removed by admin without notice and you will be banned.

It is accepted to share some topics or to share what you know including general information, news, pics, etc.

Please respect and help each other. We are all very important and are all here to improve our English usage. You may invite all your friends to join us. Finally, We are all here as a world community, so we can improve our English and strengthen our friendship.

Please post questions using correct English, including Capitalisation and punctuation! If an administrator asks you to fix your question, please fix it or it may be deleted.

P.S. Sometimes we make mistakes, just like you. Please forgive us and accept our apologies. We really try to check everything, but sometimes we miss things.

Have a wonderful time learning English with us!