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This is a closed group for those who are either sponsored or interested in being sponsored by Mama Natural with Young Living essential oils. If you are already in Young Living, please join a group in your upline. Thank you!

This is a place to empower and encourage ourselves to listen to our bodies and share our experience using Young Living oils therapeutically. None of us are qualified to treat, diagnose, or give medical advise to anyone. We simply share our testimonies and those of friends, family, etc. We can also share insights from our research.


* If you have a question, please first use the “search” tool on the top right of the group. (It looks like a magnifying glass.) Many of your questions have been answered several times :)

* If you want to follow a post because it’s a topic that interests you, please do not put a * or following comment. Instead, simply click on drop down arrow on right side of post. Select “Get Notifications.” You will then be notified if there are any new comments to that particular post. Likewise, you can also select “Stop Notifications” if you’d like them to stop.

* Choose your words wisely and speak with kindness and consideration. This isn't a dumping or complaining zone :) If you’re having issues, contact YL customer service or your upline/sponsor. They'll be happy to help you! Or rub some diluted JOY on your heart :)

* When both asking and answering questions, feel free to write things like "Does anyone have a personal testimony for ____?” or “What have you used and liked for _____?” but posts like "Help! my child is bleeding, what do I do?" or posts asking for a diagnosis or prescription of YLEOs will be deleted.

* Please be generous in sharing your personal testimonies using these oils! This is how we learn from each other.

* Consult your Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils book (free when joining my team with Premium Starter Kit) or use the tool and These can be invaluable resources that are mobile friendly :)

* If your post was deleted, it wasn’t personal. It simply didn't fit within the group guidelines.

* If you are a Young Living member and not in my downline, I encourage you to get additional support from your sponsor/upline.

* If you'd like wholesale prices from Young Living and don't have a sponsor, I would be happy to help. Learn more here —>

* If you are interested in pursuing the business side of YL, please contact me at mama at mama natural dot com.

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