Simply Filling - My Weight Watchers Plan of Choice

PLEASE READ THE FAQs found in the FILES link and also follow us on Pinterest:

WHAT WE ARE: a support group for folks doing Weight Watchers, whether it be the PPV plan or Simply Filling. We are here to support each other, encourage each other, celebrate with each other, share recipes with each other, get new ideas from each other, vent to each other, and when necessary, give each other a swift kick in the butt!

Yes, the WW tracker does not show all foods that are Simply Filling, and we are happy to offer our opinion/expertise on whether or not it falls into the SF Power Food choices.

WHAT WE ARE NOT: a group that will do the work for you. We are not here to look up every single item you want to buy/eat. We are not here to keep track of your food for you. We are not a substitute for the program.

If you do not have the WW materials - I recommend you Google the item. Do the research! The internet is so much more than just porn and Facebook. :)