Singles in Michigan Uncensored

Welcome to Singles in Michigan Uncensored. In this group we do not allow anyone who is in a relationship, married, or otherwise engaged. If your status is anything other than singleor divorced, you will not be added. Admins screen profiles before acceptance into the group. Anyone who is single in Michigan will be accepted.

This group is intended for adults 21+. You are required to have a profile picture, or you will not be allowed to join Singles in Michigan Uncensored. We will also not accept fake profiles or freshly created profiles.

If we find you trying to join and you are not single, you will not be accepted to the group. Furthermore, if we find out after acceptance, you will be removed from the group.

If we catch you in violation of the rules or acting as a troll, you will find yourself in tagged in the troll thread. Should your behavior not change after that, you will be removed.

You must read and agree to the pinned “rules” post within 24 hours of acceptance to the group. Failure to comply with this will result in removal from the group.

Should you need an admin for any reason, feel free to either tag the post or send a message to ones inbox.

Thank you and enjoy your stay at “Singles in Michigan Uncensored”.

The Admins are:
Kim Wright, , Rob Porter, and maria covel