Sketches & Scribbles: Creative Journaling for Self Discovery!!

In 2013 I started a 365 Sketches & Scribbles idea and shared it with a few friends on Facebook. The goal was to sketch or write anything you want by spending one minute or more (just 60 seconds a day) and to have 365 pages of your own work by year end. If you missed a day or a week all you had to do is catch up (1 minute for each day missed)! I had a few people join in the 365 goal. I made it and went beyond the goal reaching an astounding 800 pages!! We all had a lot of fun for the sketches and scribbles that were completed. What an awesome experience and I have so many wonderful things to share with the world from this experiment. So I wanted to create a page that anyone could learn, share and have fun with... So here is Sketches & Scribbles: Creative Journal-ing for Self Discovery.... to share with the world. Love B:)