Small Businesses in South Charlotte

Small Businesses in South Charlotte connects the community with locally owned businesses in and around the South Charlotte, Matthews, Ballantyne, Pineville, etc. You can use the group to find great businesses, find out about community events, and make new friends. We all live in this town together so let’s support our neighbors

As a Realtor I know the importance of someone being personally vested in their reputation and business. I always do my very best for all my clients please don’t hesitate to call if you or a friend are in need of a good local Realtor® 603-660-8046

1. No vulgar language or offensive content
2. Please bump your posts instead of posting new ones if possible
a. limited one bump per 12 hours
b. if I see two posts advertising the same thing, I’m deleting both
3. This is not an auction site so no individual items, you may post about yard sales however.
4. You may post about community events.
5. Employment opportunities are allowed IF the company is a LOCAL small business.
6. Posts about lost pets are allowed
7. If you are seeking a service please post on the wall
8. I reserve the right to delete any posts
9. Any suggestions for the group please contact me privately
10. No (MLM)s Multi-level marketing companies that the founding company is not from the area
11. No franchises that the founding company is not from the area
12. Tag me if you see a broken rule - Paul Mattos

In order to make this page successful and helpful to everyone we need to reach as many people as possible. Please copy and paste the link and post it on your timelines and business pages.

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