Sneaker Shot Philippines

SSPH: a closed sneaker community group where you can upload photos of sneakers you wore and new pick ups. Share as many as you can! Sky is the limit. This group is for every sneaker enthusiast out there to share the best photos of their kicks. No Barriers!

1. NO BUYING, SELLING OR TRADE POSTS. This group is for sharing only.
2. No Legit Checks and Price checks.
3. No promoting pages, groups, or events without the consent of an admin.
4. No posting of fake shoes.
5. No meme posts
6. No posting of a picture of somebody (I’ve seen someone wearing this and that) that you just seen somewhere.
7. No hate posts, no bashing. Rude and unpleasant attitude will not
be tolerated.
8. No foul language.
9. No flaming of posts.
10. Non-shoe related posts will be deleted.


Be sure that you are posting picture that belongs to you.

Have fun!