SoCal AMCC (Anime / Manga / Cosplay Club)

The Southern California Anime/Manga/Cosplay Club. Add yourself to the group! Currently based in OC & LA*.

[[[*~*AMCC STAFF*~*]]]
~ [MOD][HOST]Candice Marisa Noir
~ [MOD] Stephanie
~ [MOD][HOST] Law Black
~ [HOST] Rokana Katesebaki
~ [HOST] Eden Mew Myu
~ [HOST] John Harris
~ [HOST] Aaron F.
~ [HOST] Christian E.
~ [HELPER] Corey R.

Other Honorable Mentions:
~ Alex Halcyon ~ Official Club "Creepy" Photographer
~ Andrew Buckner ~ Official Club Grill Master

*~*Mods*~* - Use their authority to moderate the activity that goes on in the Group page, clean up old posts, and approve members to the group. Contact them with any questions or concerns about the Group Page or to report a member.

*~*Hosts*~* - In charge of most gatherings/events and are responsible for promoting them online, help plan the schedule of events, and answer basic questions for guests while at an event.

*~*Helpers*~* - Job is very much like a Temporary Host who can only attend some events. Any event questions should be sent to the MAIN HOSTS instead because these are only part time. The people listed as Helpers may choose to volunteer for only certain events and may be removed from the list above at any time.

My goal is to unite people living in Southern California who have common interests in anime, manga, or cosplay. We will coordinate events such as picnics, laser tag, theme park gatherings, convention meet-ups, sewing meets, anime swapmeets/garage sales, movie meetup, beach/bonfires, etc. Basically just days to hang out with people who have similar interests as you.

The reason i made this club is so we can all get to know each other and have fun! :) INVITE local friends to join us.

Your club founder, Candice Marisa Noir. 。◕ ‿ ◕。
Meet-ups Completed So Far:
Jan 22nd Sunday 2012 -
Cosplay Picnic #1 @ Fountain Valley

Feb 20th Monday
Laser Quest & The Secret World of Arrietty movie meet-up @ Fullerton

March 11th Sunday
Cosplay Picnic #2 @ Fountain Valley

April 15th Sunday
Disneyland in Cosplay

May 20th Sunday
Cosplay Potluck #3 @Fountain Valley

July 21st Saturday
Cosplay Beach Bonfire @ Seal Beach

Oct 6th Saturday
Little Tokyo Cosplay Meet

Oct 27th Saturday
Video Game Gathering @ Fountain Valley

Dec 15th Saturday
Cosplay Winter Bash @ Costa Mesa

Jan 20th Sunday
1 Year Anniversary Gathering @ Fountain Valley

March 9th Saturday
Battle of the Foam @ Fountain Valley