Sole Finesse


Our Goal-Our Goal as admins is to provide the safest way to sell, buy, and trade Shoes.The mission is for you to do these things with ease.


1.Every sales post must must have a tag with the date, and the sellers name.
2.We do not allow any scamming or cheating off deals in any way.If you are a reputable concern to this group, or do break this rule you will immediately be banned.
3.We do not allow any posts or activity not related to sneakers
4.There will be no bullying, trash talking, or uneccesary comments within this group
5.Fake Items are prohibited from this group.If the seller accidentally sells a fake item and refuses to refund immediately you will be banned.
6.We do not allow any flaking or messing around with someone's deal
7.Bumping your own post is only allowed on hourly periods of time
8.Legit Checks and Price Checks are accepted
9.Pictures for Attention must be appropriate and relate to shoes.
10.We do not allow Racist, Sexist, or deceiving comments or posts towards people
11.If someone indeed breaks the rule of a purchase, such as not shipping the item, or not describing it in the same condition or not shipping the item with correct materials that come with the shoes, or sells counterfit product you are allowed to call them out but must show evidence and you must consult with admins for the ban.
12.No Spam Posting is allowed
13.All items must be shipped out within 3 days of purchase unless seller and buyer create special arraignment to ship early or late
14.Tracking Numbers must be provided day of the shipment of the sale
15.Everything within the group must be Legal.