The Sole Society-Sell/Trade/Buy Sneakers


1) This is a shoe-market group, but it is open to just about anything that hasn't already been censored. NO firearms, NO ammunition, NO drugs, NO alcohol, NO cigars/cigarettes. Nothing that has been restricted from minors. USE COMMON SENSE.

2) No unauthorized advertising other than that of the sale or request of what qualifies above. No links to outside sales etc.

3) We ask you to please have your REAL name and a REAL profile picture. It would be easier for you to be banned due to fraud/scam. Also, the approval process has become stricter due to the huge amount of fake accounts. Every new account is now looked through to prove it a real account.

4) No accounts representing a company etc. This group is for personal ads.

5) Please do not report to us that you have been scammed because we take no responsibility for your actions. Which is why #3 exists.

6) DO NOT POST AN IMAGE WITHOUT A TITLE/CAPTION. THIS IS AN INDICATION OF SPAM/FAKE ACCOUNT. DO NOT post a screenshot of another post in another group etc. even if it belongs to you. You MUST write some kind of info about your offer/request.

7) Please no obnoxious posts with unnecessary letters and symbols, and no "Pic for attention".

If you are selling shoes, as a convenience and COMMON SENSE, please indicate the size.

9) DO NOT double/triple/quadruple+ post. Once again, COMMON SENSE. Once again, you're spam/fake account.


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