Sony Xperia™ Photography - Philippines

This is the Official Photography group of the Sony Xperia Group Philippines;
The Sony Xperia Photography PH.

Aim is to unite all Sony Ericsson/Sony Xperia handset owners to be a part
of this group as the level of potential when it comes to taking photos
is based on one's skill in capturing a lot of sceneries, landscapes and
other stuff that attracts our eyes and attention whenever a person is
just starting from the beginning of his journey for photgraphy until
becoming a professional photographer himself/herself.


1. Let's express and exercise our artistry through photography. Feel free to capture
anything that attracts the attention of viewers or your co-members.

2. Your post should contain the following details with these format:
Note: if you're using a DSLR/T, HONESTLY indicate it instead of Xperia smartphone.


- Day and Theme
- Description and/or Title
- Place (Optional)
- Xperia Model
[Your photo below]

Day 4 - Sky or Day4: Sky
"Blue Sky Waiting Tomorrow"
Sony Xperia Z1/Z1
[Your photo below]

3. Admins have the right to alter and delete your posted photos anytime if they found out
that you have posted an image that contains unwanted views such as pornography and cannibalism
which may lead to a vulgar, hatred, insecurities, intolerance, jealousy, pathetic, malice
and any other negative acts that is punishable by law.

4. As this next rule also applicable to rule #3, any misconduct that a member might do
such as spoon-feeder, thrashtalker, blabbermouth, or even trolling, will subject
to further apprehension nor else, member termination.

5. Learn to respect each and every single person in this group as we are all gaining
camaraderie, not just here but also in our own families, friends and colleagues in
outside world too. The more love and more respect means the more friends you gain.

6. Posting non-Xperia, non-Camera, non-Photography here should indicate an OFF-TOPIC in
each of their posts. Buy and sell cameras and any other transactions should also put
OFFTOPIC tags in any form. SCAMMING is not allowed here.

FEEL FREE to ask in our group's wall for any comments, suggestions, violent reactions
so that we pursue the growth of our beloved Xperia Photography Group.

Link to Sony Xperia Group - PH: