Radio Peeps

Radio Peeps is a private group created for Terrestrial Radio staff. On-Air, Production, and Programming. The purpose of this group is to connect with broadcast professionals across the U.S & Abroad quickly and effectively with the intent to share ideas, give creative feedback, network across genre's and formats as well as industry news and trends.

Please refrain from using this group as a means to create rumors, share fabricated information related to the broadcast industry, and/or negative comments & posts.

As broadcast professionals there is a level of peer respect that should be upheld at all times. At the end of the day, impacting the lives of hundred of thousand of listeners with the flick of a fader, and press of a button is a humbling and incredibly rewarding "job" title. We should all embrace this opportunity and use this group to help mold and improve ourselves as a brand and personality. Opinions are welcome and constructive criticism is helpful, but degrading, slanderous, and negative comments/posts will not be tolerated.

On that note- Thanks for being a part of the group!


-Jay Sparxx, Founder | Admin

Sean McGroarty- Moderator
Chris Cruise - Moderator