Speed Cam Van location Alerts - North East

**A group for drivers in the North East to let each other know of anything that might cause other drivers problems on road ahead. We welcome posts on sighting of Cam-vans, unmarked speed trap cars, custom stops, checkpoints or anything else that might cause you delays in getting home to your kids or to work in the mornings. The penalty points system is very unforgiving in Ireland and a couple of simple errors of judgement when not paying attention to your speed can result in you losing your licence and job in a matter of months, hopefully this community of people will help each other to avoid this. Moderators will remove and ban anyone who posts anything not relevant. Turn on notifications on the group home page and receive instant alerts on your iphone, smart phone. Please continue to post as you see things. Please try and add as many suitable drivers as you can. This group does not condone speeding or illegal activity. Thank you