St. Michael Albertville Garage Sale 2

Welcome!!! This site is for buying and selling your unwanted items.
Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the few rules we have. Each group is different so please read the following and happy buying/selling :)

~Single pictures ARE allowed. Please only post ONE of each item, if someone would like more they can be sent via pm.

~Please put all ISO under the pinned post at the top of the wall. This will be deleted every 30 days to keep it up to date.

~ Please only bump an item every 48 hours or longer. Do not bump your 50 single pictures one right after another to where nothing can be found that was just posted. If you have that much for sale please put it in an album.

~ Single pictures over 14 days old will be removed, available or not. No exceptions to this. With the site growing 20 plus people daily this is the only way we can continue to allow single pictures. Its extremely hard to mange either way but we are hoping this will help. Site cleanup will take place at the end of every month.

~Albums over 60 days old will be removed. Please keep track of what you are selling and update as needed. If you can't find something you recently posted go to the main page, type your name by the magnifying glass and click enter. This will pull up any recent activity you have had.

~ This is a St. Michael/Albertville site so you MUST be willing to meet here unless it works for both parties to meet else where. Example: don't list something and then tell the person they need to meet in Elk River.

~Be courteous of other people. Go in line of comments....unless you state 1st come 1st serve when you initially list your item.

~Give a buyer/seller 24 hours to respond before you move on to the next person in line.

~Name Calling, Threats of any kind, slander, etc will not be tolerated.

~ No advertising of any kind is allowed including links to other Facebook sites. It's just too much with all the single pictures. So basically only post things you are actually selling. You will be removed immediately.

~ Admin will remove people who advertise, people who no show, people who are dishonest about what they are selling and anyone who creates drama.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact myself or one of my other 4 admins. Jo Girtz, Ashley Reedy Belford, Bernadette Or Kathy McHugh