The Stafford SHIRE of Registered Breeders and Owners

Welcome Aboard devoted Breeders and Staffordshire lovers.!!

This Group is about Sharing the love of the Most Popular breed of Canine for family pets. Hobbyist's and of course Companionship on this planet...!

Please feel free to share stories, pictures Happy moments. Sad moments or just because you want to show off your Furbabie to the world for all too see....

There Are only a few strict rules of this page you must abide BY...

1: Registered Breeders Can only sell and post upcoming Litters, studding out on this Group.!!! STRICTLY.!!
Breeders MUST display their prefix when sharing puppy pictures intended for advertising, Please be sure to include history on both sire and dame AND REGISTRATION NUMBER (CONTACT ADMIN BEFORE POSTING ANY LITTERS IN FOR SALE POSTS) or it will be deleted

2: If u make a post and somebody wants to Be a Keyboard cowboy. Can You please NOT BITE BACK this will cause more drama and makes them think that they are heros and they will just keep on doing it... Tag Administration in the post and They will delete there comments or post'(s).

3:I WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY UNLAWFUL ADVERTISING OF DOG FIGHTING OR CRUELTY TO ANIMALS its disgusting and 99% of us will not stand for it...!!! we are not sadists here... absolutely ZERO TOLERANCE

4: rehoming of dogs is the responsibility of admin on this page. If you have a Furbaby that needs to be rehomed CONTACT ADMIN.

5: if you would like to advertise on this group.. CONTACT ADMIN

6: please feel free to message admin if you have any issues with the rules of the group n we can discuss them like adults..

7: No Swearing There are minors on here and its really appreciated if you could watch the bad language......!

8: This Group and its admins holds n responsibility for any purchases made on here or issues arrised from purchases of puppies brought from here

These rules are here for a reason.. Please stick to them. A result in failing to obey these rules WILL have you removed and blocked immediately..

We do not condone the practice of backyard breeding hence the strict rules applied to this group.

We are here to keep the breed free of the unwanted bad Hype these amazing Pets of ours have been unfortunately portrayed as in the past...

***********Administration Team***************

Creator/Admin Steve Weldon

Admin: Kim Smith (Berlgrand) Registered breeder from NSW

Admin: Scott Forbes (Bluecrew English Staffordshires) Registered Breeder (vic)

Sarah Elise Robinson Registered Breeder (Iamlegende staffordshires) (QLD)

Admin: Kylie and Tim Skelton ((Spudrose Amstaffs) registered breeder (NSW)

Admin: Hayley Molly Tilly (UK)

Admin: Bluey coult (UK)

Admin: Keisha DeMarco (WA)

Admin: April Louise (VIC)

Admin: Kelsey Sutcliffe (ACT)

Admin: Hollie May Byers (Nsw)

Admin: Pandora Waagstien (Nsw)

Admin: Robert Davis

Admin: Reyhan Halil Baba