Staten Island Sell Without a Hassle

Hi, everyone...This is a free site to Sell and Buy items freely, without so many rules and drama.. We are all adults the last time I checked so lets make this a fun selling site. And please be respectful of others.
please follow the simple rules, so the site can run smoothly, without any problems.

The Way This Site work's is:

The First Person who writes Interested On a Posts Get's the item asking questions does not mean interested.
If Other People write Interested or next. It goes in order of who wrote first.
The Seller Must give the buyer a little bit of time, to make arrangements.
The Buyer must Pm the Seller after you write Interested, to arrange Pick-up.
If there is no communication between the seller or buyer at all. The seller can move onto the next person.
If a person skips or Jumps the line, and Goes straight to a Private message.
and nothing is written on the board, And the item is gone or sold. Both the seller and buyer will be removed.
If an Item is cross-posted. Please state that in your post.
We have a certain order that we follow on this site, so Things run smoothly.

1 have common courtesy and respect others the same way you want to be respected we are all adults
2 do not post any yard sales or any advertising or links that leave this site it will be deleted
3 MUST post a pic and price in original post not comment section. if you just post or best offer it will be deleted if you want that sell on ebay also the items must be inhand not re-ordered this is a second hand site not a store..
4 bump once every 3 days people are complaining about seeing the same stuff because people bump every hour i can also tell if you delete your previous bump ...
5 the admins are not responsible for any transaction that takes place on this site..... have common sense don't buy anything without verifying that it either works or it is legit .... people look for these sites to try and take advantage of others so please be smart.....
6 this is for sellers you only have to wait 4 hours for a buyer to respond after the initial communication if they don't respond move on to the next person so you don't loose out on a sale
7 the first person that says interested gets it not may be interested and question do not count as interested. you must go in order and if you sell the item to someone else and we are notified you will be removed from the site
8 delete your posts after the item sells if you don't know how to delete just write sold and ill delete it
9 crosspost are allowed.... please collage your items that are similar example (keep all clothes together or jewelry)
If I come across a Post without a Price, Or without a picture. I will delete them. even if people are interested.

Some Terms Used on the Site:
PM- Means Private Message
EUC- Excellent Used Condition
NWT- New with Tags
ISO- In search Of
TIA- Thanks In Advance