Staten Island Online Yard Sale

I try to maintain the group to reduce waste and keep $ in our pockets before throwing things out and buying new when it's unnecessary. Have fun! We have to list some rules for the site to run smoothly and so Facebook won't take the site down. If it were up to me I wouldn't care what you sell.


Please include price, town, condition. No stock photos!

If you don’t want emails about postings, change notifications settings at top of page.

Assume everything sold is being sold as is.

Only post or bump items 5 times per day. Each individual item may be bumped 1 time per day.

Delete your post once item is sold.

Show up when you say you will.

Only post the rental for your house with the price, # of bedrooms, area, if pets are allowed, what utilities or cable is included etc.. (No brokers or agents)

Post your own personal cars with mileage year make model and problems. (No dealers or lots)

Promote yard sales.

Think of personal safety whenever you are making a transaction.


No posting of anything alive, illegal, weapons, used under garments

No knockoffs, replicas, style, inspired etc.

No posting ads

No posting other groups or your pages

No chit-chat on posts other than information about the sale.

No arguing or inappropriate posts

No promotion of your business, website or private orders


No posting duplicate photos.

Do not sell faulty items.

Private message people when possible.

No person under the age of 18 can make a business transaction on this page.

Please try to go in order with who is interested first.

The site administrators are not responsible or liable for any sale transaction of any kind or content the this site.