SacTown Stockpile Sale

* * * * READ ME * * * *

Strictly Stockpile Sales. If you post anything other than stockpile items or ISO, your post will be deleted & you will be removed. No Inserts, coupons, or learning to coupon: see the files for a links to local coupon groups.

* * read BAD MEMBER BEHAVIOR below * *

>ASK ADMIN FIRST: "Admin, if this is not okay, please delete." You will be removed.

>>SELLERS: This is not a general sales group. Stockpile items only! Block buyers you won't sell to.

>>SELL YOUR WAY: single, multiples, bundles, or open house shops. ANY stockpile items are allowed, including make-up, household goods, & food. You may advertise an open sale (yard sale) w/stockpile items using ONLY stockpile item photos.

>>PHOTOS: Please delete your sold items, Admin deletes every 15 days.

>>ENFAMIL: This group does not support the illegal sale or distribution of items distributed by WIC.

>>PRICES: Sellers set their own prices, buyers may comparison shop.

>>BAD PRICES: Two choices: 1) make a lower offer or 2) find a different seller. Some sellers negotiate, some don't. See "Bad Member Behavior" below.

>>BUMP: once per day.

>>BUYERS: See "PRICES" above. Get a confirmation & price before you meet. Check your bag. Check inside boxes (i.e. hair color) & check expiration dates. If you don't feel good about the seller, products, or price, walk away.

>>ISO: Some sellers prefer to wait for ISO's which match their stockpile, have at it.

>>ADMIN MESSAGES: It's admin's role to keep the group focused, every message we send is to that end.

Ask, & I will delete negative comments on your posts.

>>COMPLAINTS: Do not use the group to complain: send Admin a PM & with names & screenshots.

>>BLOCK people who bother you or do bad business with you.

No fighting or negativity in comments.
No complaining about prices.
No posting about where to buy cheaper.
No complaining about flakey buyers/sellers.
No posting about coupons, teach me couponing, inserts for sale, or store sales.
Do not refer buyers to sellers not in our group.
Drama or snide comments = you're banned

>>GOOD MEMBER POLICY: There are many pleasant & ethical members & they enjoy infinite amounts of peace, love & super low prices!

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Members must be at least 18 years of age. Members buy & sell at their own risk and may not hold liable the owner or admin of the SacTown Stockpile Sales group for any damage, loss, or injury incurred as a result of membership in this group. Sellers shall not advertise or sell illegal or illegally obtained items.