*UPDATED 07/10/2014*
AZ Straydar: noun, (stra-dahr): The unintentional ability to spot stray or unaccompanied dogs or cats when driving, walking or during one's lunch hour at work, prompting the need to always have a leash and pet treats in the auto. This may also include the ability to have pets brought to one by others who are aware one has this ability. There is no cure once one becomes afflicted with "straydar".~Helen Miles

Listed below are SOME general rules. Please share your experiences with finding strays and ways to be prepared when you see them. This group has grown over the years and has begun to include what to do with a stray after you find it, vet resources for care, spaying and neutering, as well as helping animals in immediate need.
- Stray is a domestic (non feral) animal that's wandering at large or lost
Please DO NOT Post:
- Free OR For Sale Pets/Animals
- Attempt to Re-home Pets/Animals
- MEDICAL ADVICE (it's reckless and irresponsible to diagnose based on info provided in a thread and it is dangerous to accept medical advice from anyone not medically trained)
- Offers to adopt found pets (Anyone attempting to acquire pets from Straydar will have their comments deleted; further attempts will result in being banned)
-Requests to STEAL dogs
-Please do not post random lost/found animals from CL. We could fill the feed up with them. Please keep to posting animals that may look familiar or from people you know. Thank you
*Inappropriate posts/comments will be deleted*

- Be considerate and respectful; remember the goal is to help and educate; lead by example, take the high road. NO arguing
- Keep assumptions and judgments to yourself
- Attacking, bullying, trolling and/or talking down will not be tolerated
- Please try to resolve issues yourself rather than expecting admins to moderate
*Inappropriate posts/comments will be deleted*

Leaving the group:
- If you block an admin you will be removed
- If you want to leave the group, leave. No need to explain, just go

*Inappropriate posts/comments will be deleted*

Other groups for non Straydar related content:
Straydar Admins do not manage or endorse these groups, nor do we guarantee the content or outcome of activity in the groups. There are many other similar groups.
- Craigslist Animals in Need of Help
- Craigslist Ads you feel should be educated and/or flagged
- Adoption networking for rescued pets in Phoenix area
- Fostering support
- Happy, Uplifting, Animal Posts
AZ rescue alliance