Stupid things pet owners say to vets and vet nurses

This group began back in 2007 as an opportunity for some emergency night staff in a clinic somewhere in England to have a chatter about work with fellow professionals in between the chaos of cases and was created by a veterinary nurse with the ingenious idea that some of us may just need a place to laugh, cry, scream and shout.

It has evolved into a worldwide resource for veterinary professionals to come and share the pains and joys of their chosen careers as well as discuss cases and seek support. The culture of the group is defined by those who choose to contribute. Members are allowed the luxury of being able to speak freely without the constraints of the workplace. Opinions and debate are welcome with the basic requirements of professional intelligence. Any behavior deemed unacceptable will result in removal from the group.

Once you have pressed the 'Join' button, please keep an eye out for a private message from administrators who will judge your suitability for membership. If you do not reply within three days your request will be rejected. Due to the incredibly large number of requests to join the group you may want to message the administrators in advance.