Ghost Photos/Videos (Somewhat Substantial)

Substantial meaning of a corporeal or material nature; tangible; real, of solid character or quality; firm, stout, or strong.

We'd like to have a place where people can go to look through some interesting photos without having to sift through THOUSANDS of the common photos of dust, bugs, lens flares, rain drops, cigarette smoke, blurred high-exposure night shots, etc.

It's OK if it's difficult to see the figure in the photo, but there's a difference between a weak manifestation and a strong imagination. We want your ghost photos to be real just as much as you do, but sadly have to admit when even the best of our own finds are questionable/debunked. Acceptance is the most important step in the pursuit of truth. It can also be the hardest.

We wanted to create a group where we can all share the BEST ghost photos. I'm talking about the really good ones that make you wonder how it was done if it's not in fact real. We also want people to be able to share their own remarkable photos/videos. When somebody posts a photo/video, you're invited to do 2 things:

1. Try to debunk it


2. Try to prove it.

Rule #1 - Please be respectful of each other. Please politely post the reasons why you believe a photo to be fake or real. Above all, if you think something you say might be taken the wrong way, think of a better way to say it or don't post it at all.

Rule #2 - NO ORBS. Even if it's a real orb, DO NOT POST IT. Orbs are not considered to be "ghosts" in this group (not even real orbs). All orb posts will be removed with the exception that there is something else significant in the post as well (i.e. EVP, orb turning into person/animal form, inexplicably moving objects, other significant ghost-related paranormal activity).

Rule #3 - No blurry photos with "whispies" - you probably have the exposure of your camera way up, and it totally rocked your snapshot with light streaks. Using a tripod will help prevent this from happening in future shots.

Rule #4 - NO Photoshop and/or other digitally enhanced images (except for ones with helper arrows/circles). Using photoshop to brighten or zoom in on the photo is also acceptable. Using photoshop to paste in fake ghosts is not acceptable (and it's lame).

Rule #5 - NO "jumping/startle" videos. These can be really fun and tempting to use, but not here - it's just disappointing.

Posting things that aren't related to the group topic (i.e. loosely related religious propaganda, Alien/UFO, mermaids, etc) is not allowed. Please don't be offended if something you post is removed - it doesn't mean we agree/disagree, we just didn't feel it was applicable to the group focus.

All SPAM and/or Advertisements (including advertisements to join other groups) will be removed and the "spammer" will be removed and permanently banned from the group.

Feel free to attempt to debunk anything that anybody posts...especially your own!

This group is for entertainment/discussion purposes.