Succulent Fanatics

Welcome Succulent Fanatics.

The main purpose of this group is to share knowledge and experiences with succulents, your success or challenges, your succulent designs, creations, and of course your gardens. Members are encouraged to post photos and identify if you can, as part of sharing and learning. We ask that you be respectful and considerate of each other and avoid derogatory comments.

NO COMMERCIALS, NO SOLICITATIONS, NO SALES IN ANY MANNER, NO SELF PROMOTION, NO PLANT EXCHANGES, NO CHARITY will be permitted in this group. PLEASE DO NOT POST PHOTOS/VIDEOS FROM FACEBOOK PAGES (most Pages are used as marketing tools for sales). We encourage you to watermark your photos with your name or your company name but no sales implied. When posting specialty potteries, please post the empty pot (the before) and once it is planted with succulents (the after) all in one posting. Any postings not consistent with the goal of the group will be deleted and ban member without any further notice. For Sales and Exchanges go to

It will be helpful for all members to be able to connect to fellow Succulent Fanatics locally. Please add your info on our file called GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION OF OUR FANATICS. Please go to "Files" (located in the heading above)-- find the file: Geographic Location of Our Fanatics----click "edit" at the top right corner--find your state and add your information----then click "save" before you exit the form.

Check out our FILES located just below our cover photo . There are good information that may answer many your questions.

Happy Posting. :) :) :)