Buddhism's Blue Light Blazing: Suffusing Emptiness

To support compassion & wisdom informed reflection, experience and philosophic inquiry, particularly for women.

Our group is named after the 8th c. Lady Yeshe Tsogyal, knowm as "Blue Light Blazing" or Great Bliss Queen. We gain general inspiration from this first Tibetan to reach enlightenment; she was both a learned Buddhist scholar and a fully accomplished practitioner who surmounted profound obstacles in her lifetime.

A QUOTE FOR THE WEEK by women teachers-authors is posted regularly for discussion and group commentary. In addition, members may post anything relevant to Buddhist ideals at any time.

BLUE LIGHT BLAZING has a policy to not accept posts promoting causes of any sort, whether social, political or personal. This is so the group may focus on dharma-related discussion. Naturally, social and other topics are encouraged in conversation, but we will NOT allow posts seeking monies, signatures or other specific support. Thank you for respecting this.

While we highlight womens' contributions to all forms of Buddhism, we equally honor and invite participation by everyone interested in the spiritual life, and anyone from around the globe, committed to more light and awareness for the world.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama was informed of this facebook group after it reached 600 members; His Private Secretary informed us that the Dalai Lama recited prayers for our site-members at that time.

Welcome to all! May we reduce suffering and increase happiness through these efforts.