Support Real House Music Deep, jackin,soulful, Disco

This Group was created with the soul purpose of spreading the word and sound of real house music.

What is real house music you may ask , hmm ,, well it sure isn't that banging over commercialize drivel that comes from your radios all day every day.

Real house music has soul funk and rhythm,

here is a little video link so you can get started .

Then watch this for the Truth In the Name House Music

Don't get us wrong there is nothing wrong with commercial house music because the word commercial simply means popular.

But I will state when commercial house is done right its ok, and in this day and age its very far a few between.

We will be listing record labels ,Artist as well as the odd dj's so you can here Real house music and how it should be played.

Because just like the house seen there are also a lot of bad dj's out there that don't no how to tell a story with the music or put together there own style and groove.
All they seem to able to o is play the top 15 in beat port.

Its time to make a stand if you no your house complain that the dj is playing badly or complain that he hasn't a clue ,

But be very careful how you go about this , As he or she might tell you where to go or even worse , Because if it was my self I would say F@ck off I am mixing.

No your tracks no your Artist's

I mean come on music is cheep at $1.49 or $3.56 a track its not the endo of the world.

Support you Artist Buying the music.
So spread the word.

Don't be House Sheep'le be House People.

Big Respect to Leonard Remix Rroy.

God Father of House Music .

If you have the drive and Passion for house Pm Richie Kidd .

ask to be a admin .