Supremacy Guild

Supremacy is a Multi-MMO gaming guild.

Server Post:

We were originally formed in retail in 2008 and became one of the top raiding guilds on the server from '08-'09 in WoW. Currently, the guild is made up of a lot of retired raiders and casual players who like to arena/BG, do LFR, old school raids and random shit, and keep each other company while we do it.

The guild is currently on a private server called Heroes WoW, in the MoP 5.0.5 realm. It was the first guild created on the server, because we're awesome.

We also have a guild full of amazing people in Rift. The guild was originally created at the early release and raided, but the majority quit several months into the game. Now we are fucking back and full of tasty bacon!

The leaders care a great deal about this guild and making it an amazing place to be for all it's members. Supremacy as a whole is fucking awesome, and yeah, we're not afraid to admit it.
About the Founders:

-HELLKITTEN is a retired raider who PvEd in top guilds since 2007, most known being Spire.

-HATCHY is a retired raider who PvEd since release, cleared Naxx40 at level 60 with a Top 50 World guild called Nerve & from there became in the Top 10 world Rogues during 2008-2009.

Supremacy's Teamspeak{diamond}
PW: pussycat
Please log in using the name of your main character.

Oh and of course, we are all gold whores. And no, we don't share. ^_^ Gotta love the shinies.

♥ your GM, Hellkitten