Swap/Meet SOMa

Swap, Buy, Sell, Give away, post curb alerts and more for Maplewood/ South Orange Residents and neighbors. Local FreeBay!
Clean house, make money. Recycle, Use less packaging. Buying pre-owned is Green! Get rid of your stuff by offering it for sale or free! Post curb alerts! Let others know if you are searching for something! Post your Garage sale here!

Please note you must be a friend of a friend to join this group, or send me a note telling me something about this area so that I know that you are a real person.
If you block the administrator, you will be considered hostile to the group and will be removed.


If you are selling art or something you made, we would love to see it, but please limit your posts to once a week, not every day.
If you are an estate sale business or sell on ebay or etsy, same thing, don't post too much. We want to support your entreprenurial efforts but don't squeeze out the person posting for personal items.

"Bump" an item. You may bump and item every 72 hours.
If your item is not selling, possibly lower the price.

Try not to post items which are dangerous or have been recalled.

Any negative posts towards a member or listing will result in removal from the group.

Thank you.
Kristen Tyler
Owner of M.T. House Estate and Moving Sales