Looking For Goods or Services to be sold or bought within TARC Campus?

Well here is the place to be in order to make safe and perfect deals.
Post up and add your friends from TARC

So Good Luck Buying/Selling everyone! =)

In order to sell or buy please use the following abbreviations.
[WTB] = Want To Buy

[WTS] = Want To Sell

This will help students identify what advertisements they are looking for easier. for example
[WTB] Sony Ericson Experia Neo
[WTS] 2nd Hand Black Berry phones.

Kindly try to follow this protocol. We believe it will your life easier. =)


Kindly take note that students who will be posting advertisements on the market regarding Assignments or any services related to Academics will be banned from the group.

We're not affiliated to Tar College.