Welcome to the group "LEARN ISLAM",
Please kindly add more number of users....
Even Non-Muslim are welcome to join...
Our intention is to learn Islam and spread the knowledge of Islam far and wide.
If you have a question and you are too shy to ask please feel free to use this private account I created where you can log in on this fake account name and post your questions.
I do ask that you please respect this account and only use it in the Learn Islam group and to please not change the password. JazakAllah Khair
The user name: [email protected]
The password is : askme123
This group only exists to discuss the facts of authentic Islamic teachings,

in order to foster an honest and free exchange of ideas, promote understanding and appreciation of similarities and discern differences...

To be a part of this group you must agree with and follow our Rules and Regulations which are as follows:
▉ The Group's Rules

1. Any Abusive, Blasphemous, Violent and Vulgar Language is strictly Prohibited and will get you banned without any questions asked.

2. No abusive or x-rated or nude videos or picture is allowed.
You must not upload or share link of any Erotic , Nude , Violent ,or Unnecessary Videos and Pictures.

3. No spamming with videos or pictures
Repeating of any Post or Comment more than one time or Spamming in the Group will be taken as breaking the Rules of this Group.

4. Do not use any Fake ID or talk in the group by that particular ID will be recognised as a Fake ID and will be Removed with all your other aliases.

5. Please do NOT advertise other groups or pages without permission. The posts will be deleted.

6. Personal or Racial attacks and insults are not allowed.

7. No copying and pasting from pages or websites without attaching source.
Always provide authentic evidence and source to back your claims.

8. Hold Firm to the peaceful way of talking , endure patience,
show respect to others of different views .

9. Clarify your points of view without being harsh or mocking other members.

10. No websites, links to sites please
Again WELCOME and ENJOY :)