Skyrim Addicts

.:: RULES ::.
Updated 5-30-2016

I. Please keep posts related Skyrim/TES or the topic of General gaming as a whole.

II. It is fine to disagree and debate with other members, but do so respectfully. Personally insulting another member or a person’s race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation is not allowed. Telling someone to kill themselves is an instant ban.

III. Please censor any image depicting genitals or female nipples (Facebook’s rules, not ours). If an image does not include either of those things, then it is allowed. Butts are A-OK.

IV. Do not post any type of instructions or links that tells a person how to obtain games illegally.

V. Cursing is allowed, as long as you are not insulting another member.

VI. Generally, controversial topics in relation to the real world will be deleted. This includes talk of real world politics, religion, terms like “that’s gay”, calling something retarded, etc.

VII. You may advertise another gaming group/website once a month. Please do not exceed this limit.

VIII. If you have concerns or issues with either a member or the group itself, message an Admin (linked blow). Do not post it to the group itself.

IX. Do not spam. This includes clickbait, which will get you banned.

X. Admins have the right to remove posts as they feel necessary, including clear bait/troll posts.

XI. Blocking admins is an instant ban.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions in regards to absolutely anything having to do with these rules or this group, please feel free to message any Admin at any time.

We hope you all have fun and may Talos guide you…