Terre Haute Buy, Sell, Trade

Rules Updated: Feb 21 2014

**Make sure to read all rules**

For Terre Haute, Indiana and surrounding areas.

Items are sold AS-IS and it is BUYER BEWARE.

No guns to be sold or traded on this site.

Please list yard and/or garage sales - time and location.

Please Create an album if you have multiple items for sale.
You can post up to 5 seperate posts before an album is needed.

Feel free to bump but only do so once every 24hrs.
No more than 5 bumps per picture.

Do not Double post an advertisement or photo, must be bumped, or if bumps have exceeded, you may delete and repost.

Please DELETE once the item has been sold.


No independent sales consultants to be advertised on here.

Small business may advertise, once to direct customers to their facebook page, or if using photos MUST be in ALBUM.

No Online business.

You may advertise other friendly buy sell trades or yard sale sites within the area.


No pets unless they are lost and trying to find the owner.

If you don't want all the emails and notifications, please use the EDIT SETTINGS button in the upper right hand corner to change them. ("only post I'm subscribed to" and un-check the email notification box and/or chat box)

If there is a problem please contact admin after you have first made an attempt on your own to address the problem at hand.

Please be respectful and this is a drama free zone.

New 3 Strike Out System
1. Post will be taken down
2. You will recieve a message
3. You will be removed from group with possible ban.