Are you finally noticing things aren't right in the United States. Are you worried about losing your rights. Have you joined groups with high hopes of action only to find post after post about everything that is wrong, but no actions are being taken other than swapping pics and news stories. Then if you want to be proactive, Join a group that's building yet still active. Finding petitions for actions and sharing them. Letting you have input to things you know need to be addressed and as our numbers grow Start protest in your area and also help you be prepared. If you committed to action we have a group for you. 3%ers, are dedicated to ACTION, Education and Reform of a government that's gotten to large. If you are also, and don't just want to post about it.
This group is for you. JOIN NOW AND BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION!
This group is for meeting like minds in your area- join your state page- this can be found in the files tab, plan meet and greets, share prepping and survival info.
This page is NOT for meme's, news that can be found on all other pages, or satire "news". Please vet all news before posting, please be aware that admins will remove all meme's- no matter how cute or military oriented.

We are not militia. We are a group of preppers, survivalists and people ready to defend their country and their constitution if shit hits the fan. The idea of this group is to build a network of people who can come together in crisis and who will stand together. We are the 3%ERS!