Awareness an exploration of expanded states of consciousness.A place where sharing without being judged is important.Being with like minded people , trying new ways to expand our beingness ,All in a state of universal love is the purpose of this space.The freedom to Be ,to Share,to Let Go!!Moment to Moment...

Wednesday -4:00 pm Meditation with Hemi-Sync music at 5 Queen's Park 5th floor

Wednesday -5:00 pm The HeartMath Solution By Doc Childre

Thursday -5:00 pm Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman at 9 New Road, Alipore

Thursday - 6:00 pm Meditation with Hemi-Sync at 9 NewRoad Alipore

Monroe Institute's Workshop's:

Excursion Workshop Basic
Advance Excursion Personal Development
Advance Excursion Healing Development
Advance Excursion Inner Development

For dates please contact Mr.Nikate Khaitan
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