The New Tantra

This is a group about The New Tantra - for existing students to share their ongoing experience of practicing Advanced Sex with TNT and the long-term effects it has on their lives.

It is for people that wish to LEARN and NOT for people to PREACH to others. Preachers continually spewing out unasked for spiritual opinions will be removed. Your spiritual ego is probably writing to show off or get love, appreciation and approval. As they say "If no one has ever paid you for your spiritual opinion it probably ain't worth shit".

This group is NOT for self-promoting or advertising of non TNT related events. Advertisers will be banned without further warning.

This group is moderated and we reserve the right to refuse admission or delete posts or any user that does not follow our code of conduct.

As in TNT workshops, we will sacrifice the off-track individual for the deeper quality of the entire group.

We are open to constructive criticism as long it is done with common respect and for constructive improvement as opposed to unaware projections. TNT is an anti-egoic spiritual movement and sometimes your ego will not like that.

Please keep posts short as possible. As Mark Twain once said, "Please excuse my long letter, i did not have the time to write a short one."

If you do not like our terms and conditions please do not join this group, or remove yourself and start your own group where you can make your own guidelines and rules as you see fit.

See the TNT website for more info on what we are about: