The TR3OC was established in 1979, and caters for all BSA and Triumph triple engined road and race machines manufactured between 1968 and 1976 plus specials and race bikes that are clearly related to the original machines. It is open to anyone with an interest in these machines, with current membership of approx 1000 split approximately 70 percent in the UK, 30 percent worldwide and includes places such as Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Hong Kong, Canada, China, Africa and the Middle East. A number of regional reps have been established abroad, and organise local events throughout the year.
The excellent club magazine “Triple Echo” is published on a bi monthly basis, and contains regular features on technical issues, events, archive material, queries, new products, members ads and lots more.
The club is the recognised authority on everything “triple”, and includes honorary members such as Les Williams, John Cooper, Percy Tait, Don Emde, Norman Hyde, Arthur Jakeman, Paul Smart to name just a few. The club holds a massive archive of material and factory records, and operates a machine dating service for those that wish to gain a formal certificate for their triple.
The club owns the P1 Trident prototype, which was restored to 1965 specification and is on permanent display in the London Motorcycle Museum. It can be seen at many TR3OC events, including the club’s annual Beezumph Rally, and at regular shows like Stafford.
The club takes pride in encouraging members to ride and participate in rallies, runs, local meetings, and other charitable events, with the Beezumph Rally being the highlight of the club’s Events calendar.
Membership fees for the UK are currently £30, £32 Europe and £34 for the rest of the world. For further details, and an application form, please visit our web site at or contact our membership secretary Richard Davies - 07815 190042 [email protected]