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This is the official fan group for the page - They say Love, We say Anime.

Feel free to share your thoughts, topics, and interests in this friendly anime community group. Enjoy your stay!


-> No one is allowed to post hentai or any form of pornographic material.
-> Any forms of foul words are strictly not allowed.
-> Do not type racial slurs, hate speech, and/or offensive topics. Do not bring up hateful or provocative messages towards any religion, race, belief, lifestyle, etc.
-> Do not provide links that could be harmful to other users.
-> Do not make or share a post or picture solely for pure advertisement.
-> Using a language other than English is allowed, however, an English translation of what you wrote is encouraged to be provided as well.
-> Do not insult or provoke a staff member or a fan. This includes (but are not limited to) calling people names or making rude comments. If you're in an argument, you should keep it civil even if the other person is not.


As the community is expanding by day, it is difficult to keep track of offences made by users - as such, you will face immediate suspension from group should you break any of the rules written above.

Want to help our community? Sure! You can help our community by posting, to keep the community alive. If you ever find a post offensive or inappropriate, you can also report the post to an admin for checking.

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