TUMAC™—The United Martial Arts Community™

You, your students, friends & fans of all ages are invited to join the FASTEST GROWING GLOBAL SOCIAL MEDIA MARTIAL ARTS NETWORK™.

The 'all for one and one for all' community is for all martial artists—regardless of style, affiliation, system, rank, title, race, creed or color—to locate and share information about your favorite martial artists, fighting arts, MA/MMA, schools, entertainment, associations, tournaments, seminars, webinars, workshops, HOF's, & local promotions.

We want to hear about breaking news in your local community, state, country. Let’s share our philosophy—modern and classical/traditional and on other exciting topics A —Z (Aikido to Zen).

The one rule we ask you to follow is not to post anything regarding politics, religion or xxx/pornography. Anyone who blocks or bans an admin is grounds for deletion and will be banned.Please invite your best friends, fans, students, sisters, brothers and groups you are in to join us in unity, mutual respect and friendship. Questions? I’m happy to answer them on FB or at [email protected] Oss!

Respectful hands.
Andrew S. Linick/Founder

TUMAC™-The United Martial Arts Community™ by Andrew Linick, Founder

P.S. Just a friendly reminder, we have had many recent complaints about having to scroll through too many advertisements-many flyers about non-related MA products/services etc. We do not discuss politics, religion, XXX/porn on any of my sites/groups/fan pages.

If you post anything on the above three topics you may receive a warning from any of my Admins or they may remove and delete/ban you without notice. We work hard to maintain and provide engaging educational content preserving the tradition, customs and philosophy of the 'old ways'.

Ads for charitable or free events are fine. Third party book/dvd reviews written by the media/pr agency are OK too.

If you want to place an ad for any product or service, ask for permission first at [email protected] Place in the subject line Requesting Permission and wait for an answer. We will unfriend anyone who posts ads for products (especially tennis shoes) on our pages without permission. We wish you luck and certainly believe in capitalism and the free market system. But we choose not to allow our 'united' community page to become a billboard.

There are multible FB pages that you can place your products/services on for FREE. Thank you for your support.—ASL