The Walking Dead Collection Vault

This is a Buy/Sell/Trade Specialty Group that is fully dedicated to all Walking Dead Collectibles/Merchandise and keep it strictly business.
We will work hard to provide you a one stop shop with a drama free environment. We would want everyone to feel comfortable.

We look forward to having great Sellers n Buyers :)
And hope you will find that item to complete your collection.

Please take a moment and read our group rules before posting.
Thank you for joining and for your support.


Below is a list of the Group Admins.

Media Coordinator Asst. (TWDC & TWDCV)


***Loss Prevention/Posts Team***
-Keith- (Team Lead)

***Marketing Team***
-Eric- (Team Lead)

** Disclaimer **
We at TWDCV and TWDC are not responsible in any bad trades or sales in any way, shape or form.
Please review and follow our rules as we will do our best to protect you of any scamming methods we may learn about and post them immediately.