Tango Couchsurfing Belgium

Please post here if your destination is in BELGIUM or if you can offer a couch there. A list of other Tango Couchsurfing Groups can be found here: <a>https://www.facebook.com/notes/tango-couchsurfing-international/list-of-tango-couchsurfing-groups-worldwide/1469369363296018</a>

This group is for Tango dancers who, when (Tango) traveling Belgium, are not only looking for new encounters on the dance floor, but who also would like to combine their stay at a new location with making the acquaintance of a new Couch-Surfing Host.

1. your Tango Couchsurfing offering
2. your requests for Tango Couchsurfing openings (please make clear the relation to tango!)
3. your report about your successful couchsurfing experience

1. links or pictures to the group wall or into the comments
2. information about Tango events, festivals, marathons, workshops or milongas (for this, please use https://www.facebook.com/groups/tango.events.worldwide/?fref=ts )
3. Couchsurfing requests that are not related to Tango
4. questions about where to dance without a request for a couch (please ask these questions to the relevant local groups on facebook)
5. commercial offers or requests for apartments or rooms for rent.

As a special service we offer
- a document (a “list of lists”) which collects links to lists of events, festivals, marathons, workshops or milongas: https://www.facebook.com/notes/tango-couchsurfing-international/tango-events-festivals-marathons-workshops-milongas-worldwide/1486745868225034).
- A document that lists non-commercial links relevant for tango couchsurfers that support the idea of sharing. https://www.facebook.com/notes/tango-couchsurfing-international/non-commercial-links-dedicated-to-tango-community-that-support-the-idea-of-shari/1486917671541187

Please note: This group and also the Tango Couchsurfing Groups on Facebook which are listed in the document (see link above) are only Couchsurfing Fanpages, not official pages of www.couchsurfing.org. Couchsurfing is not sponsoring, endorsing or affiliated with Tango Couchsurfing Groups on Facebook. You needn´t be a member of www.couchsurfing.org in order to participate in the Tango Couchsurfing Groups on Facebook.