Target Fanatics

Welcome Target fanatics, Target addicts, Target freaks and psychos lol to our FB group! I am so excited to have a community to share ONLY Target deals.

Join us to save thousands of dollars per year at Target. Here you will learn how to get more bang for your bucks.

Let's help eachother kill Target every week!! No exceptions!

Thanks to my administrators for your help! this group will be closely monitored by myself @Targetfanatic , Alex @calicouponchick, Megan @Bitcheslovetarget, Shay @coupondivashay and Sandra @sandiegocouponing


Violations of these guidelines will be met with (1) warning. If a second violation occurs, you will be removed and blocked from the group without warning.
Admins cannot patrol every, single post within this group. If you feel there are violations taking place, feel free to alert an admin by:
1. Reporting the post OR
2. Tagging an admin on the post OR
3. Direct messaging an admin.

1.Personal attacks on other members are unacceptable and will not be permitted.
2. No hate speech will be permitted, regardless of whether or not it is directed at another member.
3. DO NOT deliberately disrupt the community. This includes (but is not limited to): rants about the group and its administration, or other members. If you have an issue that you need addressed, please contact an admin via direct message.
4. No cross promotion of any other Facebook group is allowed.
5. No cross promotion of any blog is allowed.
6. We DO NOT promote the fraudulent use of coupons. This includes (but is not limited to): Using coupons for items you are not purchasing and using coupons for sizes excluded on the actual coupon. Posts promoting the deliberate and continuous misuse of coupons will get you removed from the group immediately.
7. NO SOLICITING. This includes the sale and trade of coupons, inserts, and personal services.
8. No advertising or marketing of any kind will be allowed.

1. Posts/photos of clearance items, price cuts, run deals, etc.
2. Haul pictures and breakdowns.
3. Deal scenarios.
4. Newbie Questions (we encourage newbie couponers to ask questions from veteran members. HOWEVER, we ask that you PLEASE take the time to utilize the search feature...chances are your question has already been answered). Liz will be posting tips and tutorials intermittently to help everyone out!
5. Target ads