Terrace Vehicle Lot

Used vehicles for sale in Northern BC


Some rules.

1: MUST, be vehicle related. That means no clothes, furniture, video games, crap, etc. This is a group for parts, tires, motor bikes, cars, trucks, etc, etc.

2: Double posts will be deleted.

3: Try and keep the haggling in PM's, don't like the price they're asking? Don't turn it into a debate. Take it somewhere else.

4: Rude, racist, idiotic , etc. comments will not be tolerated, 3 strikes you are out.

5: Unnecessary posts will be deleted and repeated posting will earn you a quick ban from the group.

This is a large group and we cannot police all of it all the time. If you see something or someone breaking the rules don't hesitate to take a screenshot, or tag an admin. We will try and deal with it when we can.

When you post your ads try to include as much info as possible, but also the most important. KM's, engine, shape of the tires, 4x4, any notable damage/work, and of course, your price.