Terrebonne Bird Club

The Terrebonne Bird Club is a non-profit organization established in 1955. The member base consists of individuals who share a common interest in the enjoyment, protection and conservation of all wildlife, primarily birds.Meetings are held on a bi-annual basis with several field trips per year. These trips generally include 2-3 in the spring and 2-3 in the fall; destinations vary. Terrebonne Parish lies primarily within the Mississippi Flyway a very important migratory path for many endangered species. Consequently our Parish is both a permanent home to many resident birds as well as temporary migratory birds. There are currently 5 designated Bird Sanctuaries in Terrebonne Parish including the areas of The City of Houma, Lisa Park, Parkway Circle, Lafayette Woods, and Allemand Subdivisions. As residential and industrial areas grow, more and more wildlife habitat is lost. Hopefully through the efforts of all our area bird lovers the protection of these flying jewels will grow adding to our quality of life and our pure enjoyment of birds of all species.