God, Guns, Guts, & Glory

God, Guns, Guts, & Glory is devoted to bringing you news and opi...nions on faith, patriotism, and constitutional rights with a focus on the 2nd Amendment. Nowhere does the name of the group say or imply that God is shooting guns for guts & glory. God is first and foremost in my life; therefore, He is the first G. I am an avid supporter of gun rights, because I like knowing I stand a chance of defending my family. As for the guts & glory part, maybe you are familiar with the saying "No Guts, No Glory," which means that without bravery and courage, one will not get any benefit. So, the last two G's in the name of this page are for those that have been brave enough and courageous enough to stand for the constitution and America and for those of us that are willing to stand for what we believe in now.