The Alchemists Conglomerate (Botanical Brewers)


A group concerning the ...brewing and distilling of botanical ales and elixirs.
From ancient ales, gruits and small beers to the distillation and use of herbal adjuncts in the spirit.
(Also herbal smoking mixtures, honey fermented or otherwise)

I want to start a group to route out those 'dabblers' amongst you. I have a fair few years of experience myself but gaining more and sharing what I know with others is the goal.

I suggest recipe sharing, yeast and adjunct trading, anything really.
Tips and hints for newcomers and place for old hands to share their knowledge.

Anyone interested in 'free fermentation' or Lambic wild yeast style brews are also more than welcome! I have myself a few Krieks and Guezes on the go.
As are kombucha makers and lacto-fermenters of all shades.

I'll try to post relevant things to this topic to keep things interesting.
Please join in.

There shouldn't need to be rules in place for people to co-exist here really but here are a few guidelines.

Keep things tasteful, nothing rude or abusive. I have no problem kicking out the vulgar.

Ask questions and provide answers, we're all here to find out more and share what we know.

Keep project logs, or share relevant information pertaining to the topics.
eg. photos or videos of brews, botanical foraging etc.
(not mandatory but I do like to see what others are up to. Try not to lurk if you can avoid it ;))

Try to keep any arguments or disagreements at a civil level. We've all got different ideas but there's no use in fighting over them.
(Threads with excessive or inane arguments will be closed for the piece of mind of everyone.)

Any commercial posts (other than recommendations) will be removed.
Home made sales are fine but I'd rather not see people trying to advertise here.

Most importantly, have fun!
I started this group to make friends with similar interests and bring people together.

The use of psychoactive and mood altering botanicals in brews, spirits and smoking mixtures will be points of discussion here. If you are uncomfortable with this please find a more conservative group to join.
(The legality concerning these issues in your local area is your own problem, not mine. Be aware of it.)

Hope you hoopy froods are ready for some gargleblasters.